Distribution & Membership Committee

The Distribution & Membership Committee reviews the policy framework for ALCS in relation to those parts of the operations facilitating the payment of fees to members and proposes developments and changes in policy and procedure to the Board. It also reviews and advises on the recruitment of, and services for, members.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board on such matters as Committee membership (non-executive and externals), co-options to the Board and recruitment at Board level as and when appropriate.

Advocacy Advisory Committee

The role of this working party is to advise and support the Board in relation to political developments and how this may impact on the work of ALCS.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee reviews, analyses and makes recommendations to the Board on matters pertaining to the remuneration policy.

Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance & Audit Committee monitors the financial, accounting, investment, taxation and associated matters affecting the Company’s performance and reports back to the Board as requested or as appropriate.

Strategic Systems Project Oversight and Scrutiny Committee

This Committee monitors the activities and performance of the executive team and the supplier who are responsible for developing the new ALCS systems and reports back to the Board and to the membership at the AGM. This is a limited time committee.